How to Fix Runtime Error 104 instantly

Published: 31st August 2010
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Ever wished that you could run away from pesky runtime error 104? The best solution is not to run away from problems but to face them head on and defeat them, discarding them into the digital abyss, where they will hopefully stay, never to be heard from again. Runtime error 104 is not difficult to fix. Even if you aren't a computer geek, you can still fix your own runtime error 104. To ensure that you have a hassle-free computer experience every time you work on your PC, check out these simple tips on how to fix runtime error 104 the easy way.

It is always an unpleasant experience when a runtime error 104 window pops up to indicate that something went terribly wrong while you were trying to run a certain application. If you have been ignoring these runtime errors, then maybe it is time to do something about these errors and remove them forever.

#1 Firstly, we can begin by identifying the applications that are causing the conflict. Sometimes, runtime error 104 happens due to conflicts between different programs. To ensure that this is the root of the runtime error 104, simply close all running applications by using the Windows Task Manager. Most of the time, this should solve the problem, but if it doesn't, let's proceed to the next step.

#2 Sometimes runtime error 104 occurs because of an error within the application or program itself. As such, do a check for bug fixes or patches that might be available for your program. This is usually the case for free downloads where patches and bug fixes will be released at a later date on their respective websites. Just remember to keep your programs updated with the latest release of bug fixes and patches.

#3 If all these suggestions fail, then reinstalling the program might do the trick. This is because runtime error 104 can happen due to incomplete installation, hence resulting in some missing files. Just remember to have a back up copy of all your files as you would not want to lose your data in the midst of re-installation.

Besides following these tips, we recommend that you conduct regular registry cleaning. Registry Repair is a good choice for cleaning your registry and fix runtime errors, including runtime error 104.

Runtime error 104 is not that tough to solve. You can follow the above steps to fix runtime error 104 or you can save you time by using Registry Repair.

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