How to Fix Runtime Error 401 and Optimize Your Slow PC in Minutes

Published: 18th October 2010
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Are you encountering runtime error 401 messages continually pop up during the process of the program you are running? If your computer is experiencing runtime error 401 you should fix it immediately or you will find the your PC is running slow and keeps showing runtime error 401 messages in the midst of programs and even surfing on Internet.

Fix runtime error 401 and speed up you PC by following the steps given below:

#1. Close or remove the program that gives you the runtime error 401 message. Or it might be a folder that pops up the runtime error 401 message when you are going to open it. It is the most simple-but unpractical method to fix runtime error 401.

#2. Update your software that causes runtime error 401. You should check for updates to see if there is something wrong with the current version you're running.

#3. Equip your computer with a outstanding anti-virus program to allow your computer free from virus. Virus infection is one of the common causes of runtime error 401. What is more, to make sure that the application files on your hard drive won't be destroyed by some virus, you should scan your system regularly on an updated virus library.

#4. Run a runtime error fixer to fix runtime error 401. An excellent runtime error fixer can fix not only runtime errors, but also many other computer errors including

*Blue Screen of Death Error

* Windows Installer Errors, Javascript errors and Internet Explorer errors

*Surprising number of registry errors, EXX errors, DLL errors, ActiveX Errors

Are you wondering where you can get such a powerful runtime error fixer? Do you want to download the runtime error fixer to fix your runtime error 401 and speed up your computer immediately? Here it is. The powerful runtime error fixer is called Registry Repair.

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