Runtime Error 399 Fix --- 3 Common Ways to Fix Runtime Error 399

Published: 18th October 2010
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Runtime error 399 is a very common problem for computer users which might result in system crash occasionally. If you are looking for solutions on how to fix runtime error 399, now you can get the annoying runtime error 399 problems resolved after reading this article.

Before you begin to try a method to fix runtime error 399, it is necessary to figure out the causes of runtime error 399 so that you are able to speed up your slow running PC in an easy way.

Runtime error 399 always occurs when some applications installed on your system experiences certain kind of internal errors that prevent the program running properly. This won't stop your operating system from working, but it will cause your computer lost the key information to launch the software correctly.

A runtime error 399 might be caused by different kind of things like if your system is affected by a malicious program, shortage of memory or the errors in windows registry. However, the most common reason of runtime error 399 is because of an invalid registry.

How can you fix runtime error 399 with ease?

1. Reinstall the software. You can remove and then re-install the software that causes a runtime error 399. This is easy to accomplish but time consuming way to fix runtime error 399. Furthermore, it cannot make sure that it won't appear again.

2. Get a professional anti-virus program to protect your computer from malicious program which might sneak into your system and cause runtime error 399 without your awareness.

3. Run a free registry scan of Windows registry. The accumulated registry errors are the most direct reasons of runtime error 399. If you do not clean your registry up in time, you will continue to tolerate the annoying runtime error 399 in your system.

The Windows registry is the heart and soul of computer which controls the information to run every program in your system. The older your computer gets the more likely it is that your registry will become infested with runtime errors.

Are you looking for an easy way to scan and clean registry problems with runtime error 399 in minutes? You can run a free scan of your windows registry with the best registry cleaner on the market, called Registry Repair, which can fix runtime error 399 and optimize your computer instantly.

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